Getting started with Neopixel (on STM32F4)

I recently discovered Neopixels from Adafruit. These are cheap and simple to use little RGB LED modules. Multiple form factors are available : single LED, board with 8 LEDs, rings, strips, matrix,…). They can be driven by a lot of different processors (ranging from little 8-bits microcontroller to the BealgleBone Black, goind through Arduinos, for example.

You can think of lot of applications for this kind of modules. On the net, I found people that use them to create high-tech jewelry, a luminous drum kit, clocks, and a lot of other very funny creations.

I found that so funny that I wanted to buy one of these modules. I chose the 16 LED ring. It is cheap, not too large, not so small, not too power-hungry and… quite cute! Continue reading “Getting started with Neopixel (on STM32F4)”