Codingfield, my own little personal space on the web!

The domain name is the domaine name I reserved to group all my services on the web : mail server, web server, game server, Owncloud,… Most of these services are personnal. Only myself and some friends have access to them. Only this website is open to the public.

The website

I realised this website for 2 reasons. The first one is that I wanted to have fun and learn some web-related technologies. This is a devlopment work that is very different than the embedded programming I do everyday at work. The other reason is that I want to create my own digital identity on the web. This website is my business card, a showcase to my projects and skills.

As I develop every day in C and C#.Net, I decided to use the Python language for this website. I wanted to use other technologies than the ones I already know. I choose the framework Web2pPy, because it is light and easy to learn. In addition to Python, I used the well-known HTML, CSS and Javascript language for the layouts of the pages.

As for the design, I’m very thankful to my girlfriend, Victoria, who had custom made if for me!