Vikoriaa, a young talentuous graphist portfolio.


Viktoria is a graphic designer graduated at ESA Saint-Luc Li├Ęge. She has many talents and multiple skills. She created her website layout, templates, graphics, organization and content of the website. The first version of the website was 100% static, everything was in HTML / CSS.

The website

The backend of the website is developped in Python. This web application allows Viktoriaa to do most of the administrative tasks easily : add and modify projects of the portfolio, upload new pictures,… Then, it’s the Python software that generates HTML page for the visitors : list all the projects, show the description of the projects, get pictures,…

There are still many functionnalities to be added in order to make the site completely dynamic and administrable via the dashboard, but this first version already allows Viktoria to manage her website more easily!