How to replace the keyboard of your PineBookPro

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Recently, the keyboard of my PineBookPro started to type keys by itself. It was very annoying up to the point it was impossible to type the password to unlock my session. I decided it was time to replace the keyboard.

Fortunately, the wiki provides a very detailed replacement procedure . I followed it to the letter and everything went well. I took a few pictures during the operation and have already added them to the wiki page as well.

This procedure is a bit scary : you’ll basically unmount each and every part of your PineBookPro : CPU board, daughter board, battery, speakers, touchpad, display,… It takes time, it requires a lot of patience and meticulousness, but it’s totally doable for anyone whose hands are not shaking too much!

The new keyboard

Here’s what the replacement keyboard looks like:

Replacement keyboard (back) Replacement keyboard (front)

Replacement procedure

I strongly recommend you follow the complete procedure from the wiki . I’ll add a few pictures in this post.

Remove the back of your PineBookPro

There are 10 screws to remove. Please note that the 4 screws on the bottom are shorter than the other ones. Keep them apart so you can replace them at their initial position!

Remove the back cover

Once the back cover is removed, you’ll be able to admire the internals of your favorite laptop.

The internals of your PinebookPro

Unmount everything

All these parts (battery, CPU board, daughter board, touchpad, SSD, flex cables,…) are basically screwed and glued to the keyboard assembly. You’ll have to unmount them all!

Zoom on the mainboard The battery is removed Everything is removed Detach the display The display alone

Removing the touchpad

The wiki says it’s the scariest part as the touchpad is glued to the keyboard assembly, and the only way to remove it is to apply gentle force until it detaches. It was not that hard for me to remove it but yeah… you don’t want to break your touchpad in 2 parts…

Removing the touchpad Removing the touchpad Removing the touchpad

Keep yourself organized!

Now, everything should be unmounted from the keyboard assembly. Pay attention to all the boards, screws, wires and pieces you unmounted, you’ll need them later on to rebuild your PineBookPro!

The PineBookPro in pieces

Let’s have a look at the boards

Let’s have a closer look at the CPU board.

CPU Board (front) CPU Board (back)

And also at the daughter board.

Daughter Board (front) Daughter Board (back)

Reinstall everything

Reinstalling everything in the PineBookPro, on the new keyboard assembly should be quite easy : simply follow the procedure backwards! Pay attention to securely re-attach the wires and flex cables to the assembly using tape (I re-used most of the ones that were already installed).



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